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Stevie in size nines

theknifebearer and i have returned from our whirlwind trip to London. We saw The Maids, which, by the way is practically in someone's attic! It's at the top of a pub and the little door is marked 'etcetera' but it's inbetween similiarly marked doors 'ladies' 'gents' Steven remarked after the play "Is it for like Drag queens?" to which i said "Judging by the play, yes" and he did a very camp gesture!

But as for the play, Steven was excellent, there's a scene in it where he's alone but talking to other people, if you see it you'll understand, but it blew me away, for someone my age to have such command of the(albeit small) stage, is a very admirable quality. As the play ended and the American's departed I remarked to liz "He's bloody good that boy" and that was a phrase that stuck with me and god knows why but as we met Steven afterwards I pointed to him and said "you are bloody good" i think it took him a bit by surprise, mainly because generally people fawn when they're asked what they think and they use the work 'like' too much, so i said it how it was. I doubt they'll put that on the poster though! Oddly, or not so oddly (!!) he recognised Liz and we explained we had ambushed him in Salford and he nodded. I would've pressed the panic button if i was him!

We also found out Steven wears size nine shoes even when they are black buckle ones (for the part obviously) and got a lot of funny looks when they were trying to buy some in Camden. (For those not in the know, it's very difficult to get a funny look for being odd in Camden)
He has also become Matt Smith's biggest fan after seeing him at the National, and he told us Matt's going to be in the new Phillip Pullman adaptation 'Ruby in the Smoke' with Billie Piper on the BBC.

Now, to the sad news. Steven won't be doing the other History Boys tour. Yes, he's broken our hearts. None of cast B will, they agreed that if they couldn't all do it they wouldn't. We looked broken hearted and he apologised, we said no one would be able to play it like him and he was chuffed! Then, Liz happened to mention her not so nice feelings towards The B Cast's Irwin and we all fell about laughing! How mean we are!

We were somewhat interupted by a Mr Simon Cox who took on the role of Director for the History Boys tour. I've checked this information Liz and that's who he is (we couldn't hear the name when we were introduced) for some reason he thought he recognised me which freaked me out. We said about Salford and he said he wasn't there those nights, we also laughed, again about the people who couldn't hear!

We gave Steven your message Josh, about six times actually so he won't forget! he's a really lovely and pretty down to earth boy. He gave us a hug goodbye and we went on our merry way and he is 'bloody good'

I can't remember any more, Liz, can you fill in any important gaps i missed?

KT xx
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