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Even though there's only a few of us here at the moment (and all from The History Boys community) thought it may be fun to have a little introduction questionnaire thing.

First noticed Steven:
Favourite role of his:
Anything else:

My answers:
Name: Liz
Age: 22
Location: Lancashire
First noticed Steven: I think it was when the owner of his official site emailed me asking to include Steven on TBA
Favourite role of his: I think I'm going to have to be predictable and say Posner
Anything else: I think he lies about his height ;-P
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Name: Ms Walker
Age: 21
Location: London
First noticed Steven: Hmmmm The Magicians House i guess
Favourite role of his: Christopher Holmes (On The shore Of The Wide World)
Anything else: I think he has had Cosmetic Dentistry. Beautiful smile though.
Name: Katie Higgins
Age: 20
Location: Manchester / Derby
First Noticed Steven: Magician's house all the way, though when i watched that i thought i knew him from somewhere else...
Favourite Role: Will (MH), Posner (HB) and Christopher (Shore..)
Anything Else: He left a post in the message book on my site ( http://thetyasite.tripod.com) and I am certain he has lied about his height, or he's shrunk...
Your icon is scaring me! lol I shall never be able to look Christian in the face again without picturing that!
name:Rachel Young
Locaion: manchester
First niticed steven: urm im not sure katie prob showed me a pic or summit
Favourite role: prob posner (history boys)
anything else: i think we should kidnap him!
Haha, how tall does he say he is? Also, one of the guys on your TBA site is the son of one of my mum's best friend AM FREAKED OUT!

Name: Josh
Age: 16
Location: London
First noticed Steven: The History Boys on December 17th 2005. :X
Favourite role of his: ...Posner.
Anything else: I had a bitchfight with a guy in my school (who is just ridiculously gay) about who loves Steven more and I won. LET THIS BE A WARNING TO YOU ALL111
Eeeek, which actors is that?

On his official site he says he's 5'8" but there's no way he's that tall!

We all know that you are the ultimate Steven fan, and that Steven is the ultimate Josh fan ;-)
Mark Joseph! Wacky.

Aw, actually, I did think that was a lie, but I looked at my photo with him and he could be 5'8", I'm 5'11" and that looks like a possible height from him as he isn't THAT tiny!

I've never actually seen Mark in anything, but a couple of people emailed me about him so I put him up there.

He seemed tiny when me and Katie met him, and we're both tiny ourselves!
yeah i mean I'm 5'2 and he didn't seem that much bigger. I think in an old discussion we put him at approx 5'5.

Maybe, he shrinks and grows according to the size of the people he's with! Or am i getting a tad wacky again?
Yeah I think we put him at 5'5" or 6"

I think you've cracked it, you know how chameleons change colour to fit in with their surroundings, well he must change his height ;-)
Holmes! you're a genius!