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Steven's official website has finally been updated with THB tour news as well as some other stuff...


After finishing 'The Maids' Steven filmed three episodes of 'Bad Girls-series 8' (currently showing on ITV). Steven will appear in episodes 5,6 and 11 (Xmas Special) reprising his role as 'David Saunders'.

Steven also flew out to Spain to film a one off Comedy/Drama for Tiger Aspect called 'Aftersun' due to air on the 2nd September. Playing the role of Stuart.

And Steven also recorded 2 radio plays for the BBC. 'Another Country' playing the role of 'Devenish' and 'Peter Pan In Scarlet' playing the role of 'Slightly'

On the 31st July Steven will begin re-rehearsing 'The History Boys' ready to set out on a UK tour in September. More History boys news to follow soon.

Could the more THB news be the rumour of the Broadway revival/USA tour?
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