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New play!!

For the last week in May, Steven will be starring in a small production of the dark and fantastical play 'The Maids' by Jean Genet for one week only. The show will be performed at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, London. It will be directed by Derek Bond (who previously worked with Steven as staff director on 'The History Boys') Steven says he can't wait to perform in such an intimate space and to work with Derek again. [from his official site]

Anyone going?
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OMG!!!! yes i have to go.
i SOOOO love that play too, get to see stevie dressed up as a girl too! wonder how he looks as a girl, pretty i'm sure. how awsome. Are tickets on sale yet?

also did you see this picture "http://www.tanphotos.co.uk/westend.htm"
i dont know how to do links, that pic is so gay i love it.

We should all go the same day and scare the poor boy ;-) I know, that's my main reason for going - seeing him in a dress! I couldn't see it mentioned on the theatre website, so I don't think so.

lol it is exceptionally gay, gotta love it!
We totally have to go on the same day and hug him squeezyyay. <3<3 I'm so excited now. This is totally going to get me through my exams. :D I trust we shall all be checking that theatre website every day now until tickets go on sale?!

omg stevie in a dress someone's gay ;__;
We really do have to go and abuse see him on the same day. lol Josh, I know you'll be sat outside the theatre tomorrow morning demanding to know why tickets aren't on sale yet ;-P
OMG totally. thats such a cool idea.!!
He is gonna be so scared, but Josh he kinda knows you so he will at least have some sort of knowledge of why this group of crazy peeps suddenly attack him and kiss him, and hug him, and kiss him and......excuse me.

ok. i think that i would like to jump on board. but the end of may... hmmm, my birthday however Steven in a dress would be a good present (almost as good as disney land) I nominate Liz to organise a trip as i am too lazy disorganised incompetent busy.
lol Well when it's confirmed on the website (times, etc) we should see which days would be best for people. He will not survive our visit *evil laugh*